My name is Bastian Ballmann. I was born in 1982 in Mettmann (Germany) near the famous Neandertal, but still don’t know how to handle a cudgel. Maybe it’s because I am a pacifist among other things. Anyway…

I am writing as long as my mind can rewind. Short stories, longer stories, short notes, todo lists, mostly unanswered love letters, slogans, poems, buying lists, articles, blogs, books, blah blah blah. It’s just part of my nearly everyday life.

It’s not like breathing or eating (by now), but the oldest and never ending hobby I have.

A few spacetime periods ago I made those hobby kind of “professional” (aka “he wants money for it” or in my opinion “I want to write more, so you maybe want to buy me the time to do so”) and as a professional writer I need an author website for sure, so here it is.

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